Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Christmas and New Year celebrations will come soon. I believe many of you who are out there still looking for something interesting to be styled to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year just around the corner. Obviously you want to find something interesting and memorable in the two festivals celebrated while their loved ones. Still looking and want something interesting? Why do not you visit the Pinggumonster blogshop, because Pinggumonster offers a range of attractive options from the head to toe with a reasonable price .. So why do you have to wait longer, let's find something interesting to to be worn on this coming Christmas and New year, because everything available at the Pinggumonster

Pinggumonster visit now for a more selection.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


In conjunction with the launch of Chantek Journal, 3 lucky blogshop be selected to place ads on our blog free of charge for 2 weeks .. Your ads banner will be placed at the slot A from 29.12.12 until 01.12.13. Blogshop of the lucky ones will be announced on 27/12/12.

For those interested can be sent an email to journalchantek@gmail.com

Email Subject : Free Advertising
Blogshop Name :
Blogshop Url :

To find out more info about advertising service, you can click here


Option 1 : REVIEW

Everything is done by me started from writing, descriptions, image, ect, Review will be done for free there is no fee will be charged for review service. You just have to send me a product that you want reviewed (if no product given how I want to make any review dear) Effectiveness of the product will be reviewed honestly by me. (^_^)

Option 2 : BANNER ( please check slot section at picture above )

  •  Slot A : 270 x 270

                4 slot available
                RM15 per week, RM50.00 per month,

  • Slot B : 350 x 150

                6 slot available
                RM12.00 per week, RM40.00 per month

  • Slot C : 125 x 125

                10 slot available
                RM8.00 per week, RM25.00 per month


  • Advert A : 
It will be a first post for 24 hours starting from 12.00 a.m to 12a.m the next day. Everything is done by you start from writing, descriptions, image, ect. Just send to me html code. I'll only help publish them for you. RM25.00 per post. If you want your advertorial will be a first post for 48 hours please add another RM15.00

  • Advert B :
It will be a first post for 24 hours starting from 12.00 a.m to 12a.m the next day. Everything is done by me started from writing, descriptions, image, ect. RM25.00 per post. If you want your advertorial will be a first post for 48 hours please add another RM15.00

Option 4 : FEATURES

All will be done by me.. 5 picture per post with short description, just RM5.00 per post.

Term & Condition

1. To reserve, you have to make full payment or at least 50% payment (not refundable) to secure the advertising slot.

2. Any changes of dates has to be informed at least 3 days earlier than the scheduled advertorial date.

3. Any inquire please email me at journalchantek@gmail.com


Friday, December 14, 2012


For those who want to be linked,

1. Please Put Our Banner at Your Blogshop (^_^) just copy & paste code as above
2. Choose Your Category :

Lurve Fashion : Brand New Ladies Clothing
Lurve Baby : Brand New Baby Stuff
Lurve Plus : Brand New Plus Size Clothing
Lurve Muslim : Shawl, Jubah Or Anything Related with Muslimah
Lurve Pre-Order : All Pre-order Blogshop, Spree
Lurve Accessories : Shoes, Bags, Jewelry,
Lurve Handmade : Handmade Product, Supply, Craft, Art
Lurve Beauty : Make-up, Perfume, Health Care, Slimming, ect.
Lurve Vintage : Vintage Stuff ; Bags, Apparel, Bags, ect.
Lurve Pre-Loved : Used Stuff, New But Never Used
Lurve .COM : own Domain, Facebook
Lurve Intimates : Lingerie, Beachwear
Lurve Review : Reviewer, Bazaar Organizer
Lurve Authentic : Branded Stuff
Lurve Outside : Singapore Blogshop, Indonesia Blogshop

3. Please email me at journalchantek@gmail.com with the following details :

     Email Subject : Linking
     Shop Name : ( e.g : JOURNAL CHANTEK )
     Shop Url : ( e.g : http://www.journalchantek.blogspot.com/ )
     Category : please check which category are suitable for you

Sometimes, we might miss out some of the request, so please send us email again and notify us about it! Thanks for supporting us (^_^)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About Us

Hello dear,

Journal Chantek is one of the Malaysia's Online Fashion Blogshops Review Site which lauch on 12.12.12.. Pretty huh?? "Chantek" means beautiful in English.. I'm sure all women out there love anything related to beauty, so we want together to share anything related to beauty with all of you .. I'm believe all women are beautiful not only outside but inside too, so lets be "Chantek" together (^_^)

* I do not sell those stuff featured here.. Just share random thing I like.. If you want buy anything just click at blogshop name..

* I will make a review about anything that catches my eyes like apparel, accessories, bags, cosmetics, fashion, beauty tips and anything related to beauty for free there is no fee will be charged.. You can also send any sample to me to be reviews..

* For advertising service only fee will be charged, such as placing  advert banner on ad space and advertorial services..

Any suggestion and opinion to improve Journal Chantek are very much welcome.. Further enquiries and comments, exchanged link, creative idea, advertising purposes, or even a chat with me do email me at journalchantek@gmail.com